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Are you tired of taking medications? Frustrated with diets that don’t work? Want to lose weight, feel better and live longer? Learn how to prevent and reverse heart disease, diabetes and more by taking our online course


You know that a healthy bottom line starts with healthy, productive employees. Spending more and more on health care isn’t the answer. Prevent and Reverse has the NO RISK solution you need.

Medical Practices

Let’s face it. Our patients are sicker than they’ve ever been and physician burnout is on the rise. It doesn’t have to be this way. Use Prevent and Reverse in your health system or practice to heal your patients and bring back the joy of practicing medicine.

The Standard American Diet Is The Cause of Many Chronic Diseases And Can Be Reversed With A Plant-Based Diet


Evie S.

 Ever since attending my first presentation of 'Health: Find it in Food' in September 2019 by Dr. McKinney, I've been hooked! Part of her presentation included videos of herself and Dr Esselstyn explaining the many benefits of a Whole Food Plant Based diet. The information simply blew me away and I couldn't wait to fill my husband in! We both have several health issues and decided it was worth a try. We slowly converted over the next few months as we used up some things already on hand. The last three months we have been all plant based and have already noticed several improvements! Lower cholesterol, less inflammation which in turn lessened pain and stiffness, less insulin needed, weight loss and better stamina to name a few!! We love eating this way and can't wait to see what the future has in store for us!! Dr McKinney I can't thank you enough for your interest in promoting this diet and for the opportunity to be part of the Prevent Reverse group in Sioux Falls!! I continue to widen my knowledge on the benefit of plants and can't help but try to spread the word to my family and friends!! Thanks again for the new lease on life!! 

Misty S.

Taking part in the Prevent and Reverse program was undoubtedly the best thing I’ve ever done for myself, I learned a wealth of information that has enabled me to better my health and my life. Making these life altering improvements may have been hard at first but it did gradually become easier. In the beginning it helped me to keep things simple, but as my comfort level, knowledge and skills increased, I grew more creative. Now, I just feel so much better in my body and mind. I'm twenty-six pounds lighter and going, I have more energy and enthusiasm for life, and my doctor was very pleased with the improvements in my lipid profile. I look forward to keeping in touch with my cohort members and celebrating the positive changes that are taking place in our lives because of the very wise decision we've made to improve our health and well-being through Whole Food Plant Based Nutrition using the Prevent And Reverse program.


Anelis C

My family participated in the online Prevent and Reverse program and since we've been eating plant based meals we have noticed several positive side effects! I thought I had arthritis in my hands but now they don't hurt anymore. I can do gardening, wash my toys (I work on a free toy library) and much more with no pain.


During my whole life I had severe monthly pains that now no longer exist. We all feel that we have more energy and can go for longer walks without feeling tired or out of breath. I have also been able to reduce my blood pressure medication.


Also I lost around 10 pounds during the 3 month program. It took us time and we continue to adjust, trying new recipes and tasting new flavors. That's also a fascinating part of the new lifestyle. Every meal is a surprise and we are all ready to try it!

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